Yes, there probably is a second earth! :)

Kepler 186f – that’s the name of the first discovered planet which could be a second earth, NASA announced on today’s teleconference.

Wow. I mean I expected it because NASA did not make a big secret out of what they would announce today.

But, WOW !

Another planet with the potential of fluid water and by that, life as we know it!

SETI has already focused the antennas to see if there is any signal coming from Kepler 186f – but without success. Since Kepler can now detect such planets, we’re gonna hear about many more habitable planets I guess.

greetings to Kepler 186f!


Quelle: Live-Stream zu „Kepler 186f“: Das sagt die Nasa zur Entdeckung der „zweiten“ Erde – Weltraum – FOCUS Online – Nachrichten

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