Android: Deactivate annoying Lock Screen Overlays from Peel Remote

Some time ago I noticed annoying ads and lock screen overlays and could not find out where they came from. Today I noticed a small „by Peel Remote“ notice at the bottom.

Ok, Peel Remote causes those annoying lock screens and ads. Simple: just deinstall and you’re good to go!

But no: The app can’t be deinstalled.

Google spit out some results but not they were not satisfying. Deactivating the ads in the app options: could work but I’m not sure. Rooting the phone: will probably work, but could brick it.

Then I opened android preferences->Apps->Peel Remote and did the following:

  • deactivate the app
  • remove all permissions
  • remove the special „can overlay other apps“ permission

Ads/Overlays are gone for now, lets see. When it reappears, I’ll update this post.

Hope It helps!


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